Discernment Committee Members

Diocese of Central PA

  • The Rt. Rev. Audrey C. Scanlan, Bishop
  • Ms. Drew Dorgan, SC Representative
  • The Rev. John Harwood, Council of Trustees 
  • The Rev. Jim Jenkins, At Large Member
  • Mr. George Park, At Large Member 
  • Mr. Michael McAuliffe, Esq. – Chancellor (Vice) 
  • The Ven. Jane Miron, Chaplain

Diocese of Bethlehem

  • The Rt. Rev. Kevin Nichols, Bishop 
  • The Rev. Douglas Moyer, SC President
  • The Rev. Sidnie Crawford, Diocesan Council
  • The Rev. Rodney Conn, At-Large Member, SC 
  • Ms. Ginnie Schoonov, At-Large Member 
  • Mr. Ty Welles, Esq, Asst. Chancellor 
  • The Rev. Chris Sutton, Chaplain 
An image of diocese discernment committee members gathered together